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How does Viagra

Viagra is a phenomenon. Since the discovery and marketed a decade ago, millions of doses have been sold in almost every country in the world. The drug is also claimed as the first drug to successfully cope with erectile dysfunction or impotence in men.
Although Viagra is associated with 'masculinity', these drugs are not stimulants. This means that Viagra is not able to arouse sexual desire or someone who is no less passionate. These drugs only work if there had been sexual stimulation.
Interesting to understand the workings of Viagra. In addition to knowledge, for the user, can explain what's going on in their bodies.

How it works Viagra is closely related to the onset of erection. When a man is stimulated or aroused, the brain sends a signal to the sexual organs. Then, the sexual organ will produce a hormone called cyclic GMP. This hormone serves to dilate the blood vessels that line the entry of blood into the sex organs. Due to the widening of blood vessels, then the sex organs will be filled in a lot of blood so that the enlarged, tense, and hardened. This situation is called an erection. During Cyclic GMPdiproduksi in sufficient levels, the erection will be maintained.
However, the body has other mechanisms to balance the effects of cylic GMP. If not, then a man would get an erection again and again. The counterweight is a compound phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5), which is a compound that can menghancurkanCyclic GMP. With the destruction of Cyclic GMP, the blood vessels will shrink back, so the sex organs will stop having erections.
Viagra (sildenafil citrate) works as an inhibitor (inhibitor) compound PDE5. The logic is simple, if PDE5 is inhibited, the Cyclic GMP will not be tampered with, as a result of blood vessels sex organs continues to widen. This effect continues until sitratdalam decreased blood levels of sildenafil.
Although Viagra seems to work perfectly, it does not mean the drug is suitable for all people or all cases of erectile dysfunction or impotence. Therefore, please consult with your doctor if you will use this drug
. Good Luck….:)).

Loneliness Is Not Always Deadly!

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By Iwan De Setia.
My friend, many people do not like being alone, because the time passed was more long and tiring.

'Self-oh myself' ... Apparently this small thing can
a major problem for some people!

Are you including this?

Indeed, loneliness is often identified with the
a daunting, frustrating, and even become a symbol
sadness. However, if we want to open minds,
fact alone does not always turn off!

Loneliness can have two meanings ...

First, regarding the actual physical solitude,
with no one around. Secondly, as only a
Just a feeling.

It could be that someone was in the crowd, but
feel the silence. Perhaps you have experienced
similar things, especially when encountering problems with
co-workers, friends, family, or boyfriend? :-) And the other
so ..!

One thing you need to remember, with a sense of solitude
really is not any problem if we are able to
manage it well, the feelings, attitudes and
every situation.

How can we manage to make it more solitude
meaningful? Do the following:

1. Search busy with positive activities
    you really like, for example by reading,
    writing, sports, singing? Whatever joy :-)
    You. In this way, isolation will be felt more

2. Second, recall the things that became
    your dreams and have not had time to do. You can
    open personal agendas, photographs of the time
    first, books, and so forth.

    Believe it, this way you will be aware of
    limited time to realize everything.
    If you have this, would not it be loneliness
    fun? ;-)

3. Third, make a list of as many of
    desire that you want to make happen while still
    of life. Maybe by writing back
    'Mad desire' when you were little? Or dream-
    Another dream that has not terlaksanakan?

    At that time you will be aware, turned out a lot
    thing need solitude to make it happen!

4. And the last one .... Actually this is
    * Main * and the first thing you should do ...
    Draw near to the All-loving yourself.
    Solitude will be more aware of the nature
    Your presence in the world.

    The more powerful these beliefs, the more
    solid skills you through life,
    with any situation.

The point is, do not let you get caught up in solitude
with the atmosphere of 'negative heart', let
protracted, to make you despair.

If you want to open your eyes, we really do not
never really alone. There are other people around

Clearly, there are always certain people that you can
make friends, and talk!

If you want to open, in the solitude you can
ponder many things. In solitude you can
find the maturity, wisdom, brilliance,
and maximize your potential.

In solitude you can also uncover
honesty, which can be defeated by the arrogant and
ego that you often find in the crowd!

Inevitably, solitude could come at
Just to everyone, including you.

Well, if one day or even when you're
hit 'lonely' alias was 'desolate' own,
 You must remember, that loneliness is not always
turn off!

Manage your feelings was well, and make
loneliness becomes more meaningful. :-)

"Limits to Require Zina Rajam / Whips" Muslim categories.

What, when genital touching, but not enter, also including adultery punishable by stoning / flogging?

Assalamu `alaikum WarahmatullahiWabarakatuh,
But the form of adultery which gave birth to this hudud law is specific, ie as defined by the scholars. In much of the literature is often mentioned that adultery in this case is the inclusion of male genitalia into female genitalia out of wedlock or syibhunnikah.
Even the scholars of Al-Hanafiyah provide a much more detailed definition again that is: unlawful sexual intercourse by the woman's pubic mukallaf and musytahah living in conditions free of coercion and Islamic law in areas outside of marriage or a relationship of ownership or possession or doubtful doubtful marriage
If we breakdown the definition of Al-Hanafiyah about the limitations of adultery is flogging or stoning law requires this, then we could see more detail:
• Sexual intercourse : Whereas courtship is not until the penetration is not regarded as adultery
• The illicit : That the culprit was a mukallaf. Then, or else a madman or child is not included in this definition.
• In the pubic : So that when performed in the rectum is not included adultery by Al-Imam Abu Hanifah. While the Al-Malikiyah, ash-and Al-Hanabilah Syafi'iyah although performed on the rectum is included adultery.
• A Woman : When it's done on same-sex or to animals not include adultery.
• The Life: when performed on the corpse not include adultery.
• Musytahah: the point is not the woman's child is generally not attractive to fucked.
Not Coercion : Rape is experienced by a woman does not require him to be punished.

• In the area of ​​Islamic law. If the adultery was committed outside the jurisdiction to impose hudud law, then the culprit can not be forced to be punished according to hudud laws, either stoning or flogging.
• Outside the property relations or marital or doubtful ownership or doubtful marriage
All these conditions can we read in the books of fiqh, especially in the chapter on Zina. For example, the book of Al-Bada'i halaman33 volumes 7 and also the book of Al-Bidayah Syarhul Guidance Volume 4 page 138.
The scholars did require an ghiyabul hilangnyaataumasuknya hasyafah or part of the male genitalia into the female genitalia. It was based on the question to the Prophet Muhammad who admitted adultery Maiz: "Maybe we're just holding or just looking?". Maiz said, "Not only is it O Messenger of Allah". Prophet Muhammad asked in detail, "As the entry into mikhalah almurud? And like the inclusion of the bucket into the well? '. Maiz said firmly, "Yes!".
Mikhalah is the place to keep eye shadow which is usually a container and almurud is a kind of bar that can fit into the container.
So when a position is not just simply stick to what is defined as a form of adultery is based on the above hadith, because there is no entry of the events of the penis into the vagina.
But this is all part of adultery, although not yet up to keajiban stoning. And although the judge can not sentence him as hudud zina, still have a chance to give 'lessons' to the culprit. And this side of the Islamic jurisprudence termed ta'zir. The shape is up to the judge, who could make an important deterrent punishment and learned my lesson never again to do it.
For example, the perpetrator acts 'almost adultery' was punished by flogging about 50 times. In place of the hudud laws to whip 100 times for an unmarried or stoning for those who have never married.
Wallahu A `lam-shawab Bish, Wassalamu` Alaikum Wa Warahmatullahi Barakatuh.
By Iwan De Setia : Quoting sources who Requiring Zina Rajam / Whips

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10 Photography Tips

When the camera in the hands of We .., what will be done ...?
To make the picture a portrait requires good planning. Image quality is not just the camera shots, but can display a sense of personality and expression of the person in the photo. To note not only the subject of the photo, but also lighting, backgrounds, sets, location, pose, facial expression and color. Although you may not be able to take beautiful portraits of professional photographers, but by learning some basic techniques, you can create your own portrait photos.
Here are some tips and suggestions for making a good portrait photograph.:

1. How to make someone smile for the camera?
Make sure you photograph subjects in good condition or mood to be photographed. Suppose you want to make a photograph of a child, then make sure that he is not in a tired or hungry. Also make sure you photograph a subject that is not in a state of fatigue because it can make the face and his eyes became more tense. You can give a little time to rest or enjoy a snack before the photo session begins. With the given time interval rest while enjoying a snack, you will build good interaction with the subject of your photo. Be friendly and talk with him that will help her be more relaxed.
But do not make the situation until the subject is funny laugh out loud. As this can make a squint his eyes and makes the blood flow in the face more. Try taking a picture with an expression that is different. The more images you make, the more chance of getting the best photo that shows the character of the person.

2. How does the handling of people who use glasses?
Eyeglasses can cause reflections of light and create glare. Therefore you can see from the viewfinder or LCD screen of your camera, whether there is a disturbing reflection of light. If it turns out there is the reflection of light on the subject of your photograph glasses, you can ask him to move his head slowly to the reflection of light is lost from the midpoint of his eyes. You can also ask for a little bowed his head, but be careful to avoid creases in the chin if too down.

3. What about clothing and appearance?
If you will take a group photo, note also the color of clothing. Use colors that are pleasing to the eye. Or you can also ask them to use the same color.
If you will take a photograph of a person, the color of clothing is also noteworthy. If you want to photograph a big man, he should use a dark colored clothing. Conversely, if the subject you are underweight or small, then ask her to use a light-colored clothing.
Then make sure the clothes are not wrinkled when photographed. If the person is using a tie, see if his tie is straight and neat. Then make sure her hair was tidy. Your eyes may not be able to notice any hairs that come out and disturbing, but the lens the camera will catch it clearly. So if you're going to take a picture of a woman, you may notice the make-up used was too THICK sesuai.jangan yaaaa .. :))

4. What to consider when outdoor photos or outdoors?
When taking pictures outdoors, consider the situation that the background image. Choose trees, flowers, wooden fences, or walls of the house as a backdrop. Do not take a photo with a busy background activities such as roads, power lines, or areas of business and busy. This can reduce the beauty of your shot. Remember you are the subject of the portrait photograph is the person who will photograph you and not the background.

5. What to consider when indoor photos or indoors?
If you take photos indoors, you can invite your photo subject to sit in a chair or sofa placed in front of a brightly colored wall or near indoor plants you can also set the background image is describing the work and activities of the favorite subjects that you photograph. For example you can put a table or sewing equipment as a backdrop.

6. What is the appropriate lens for portrait photos?
You can use the lens between 105 to 150 mm for taking portrait photos. If you can not change or adjust your camera lens, such as a pocket camera (pocket camera), you can adjust the distance between you and the subject being photographed. Try to approach or move away from the subject until you get the most precise image positioning.

7. How does the composition of the picture right?
You can leave a little distance from the subject of your photo to the photo. This distance is useful if you would make a frame for the photo so it will not cut off the body of your subject's face or eyes foto.Lalu position of the subject of your photo on an area of ​​approximately one third of the top or the side or bottom of your photo. In the science of photography, the technique is known as the rule of thirds. You can also make the eyes of your subject in the center of the photo.

8. What about the position and attitude of the subject of the photo?
Make sure you photograph the subject in relaxed position, either standing, sitting, or lying down. If the face is too round, ask the subject of your photo to slightly rotate the head or body so that only a portion of his face exposed to light. This will make the face more slender. Note the position of the body, like hands and feet. Make sure the position of the body in a natural or unnatural position. Try to picture a subject that you are holding something or doing a natural pose. Do not let your hands straight down at your sides. This is often done novice photographers, but will make the subject look stiff in the photo.

9. How to take pictures of the subject pairs?
Ask them to tilt your head slightly to one another. This is to avoid those same heads high. Try putting one person's nose high in the other eye level.

10. What about lighting?
If you take photos outdoors (outdoor), is the best time in the afternoon, because the air is calmer and warmer color of visible light. Avoid the sun is too hot the eye of the subject so as to make your photos into too narrow because the sun is too hot silau.Jika, position so that the sun shining from behind the subject of your photo. Indeed, this would cause his face darkened by a shadow of the sun is shining from behind. You can use the flash or the flash or the flash to illuminate the shadow areas of the sun. You can also use a reflector or the easiest to use white boards to reflect sunlight into the shadow of the sun. If taking pictures indoors (indoor), use the flash for lighting. You can also take pictures near a window that has brighter lighting. Do this in an area that has a white or light colored wall, because it will reflect light from your camera flash so that further strengthen the lighting.

Under the Fig decision-roofed place.
OK friend that was still a small part of photography tips, for the number .. Please be creative and share your tips "you to the other .. Now you're ready to take a photo a friend, family member or spouse with even better results could match result of professional photographers. Happy shooting .........!
Yaa friend >> do not forget the love you comments and suggestions below .. :))
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